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Mantis Gardening: Products & Services
  • Mantis Gardening distributes many garden tools, including the Mantis Composter, a tool that makes it easy to produce quality compost right in your backyard without stress
  • They also produce a patented soil tiller that is one of the smallest on the market
  • While most people who like using organic fertilizer are aware of the steps involved in making compost, it can be difficult for them to find the time to make their own
  • This tool from Mantis Gardening makes the process easy
Mantis Gardening: Company Background
  • Mantis Gardening became well known for distributing a manageable tiller that took the strain out of tilling soil
  • The first Mantis tiller was offered for sale in 1980
  • Their tiller was first shunned by men who did not want to be seen operating a diminutive machine. However it was soon embraced by consumers who realized that the tool was effective and removed the back breaking strain from garden work.
Mantis Gardening: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Mantis Gardening customers are impressed with the performance of their products

“I am so pleased with Mantis! I sent in my broken tines as you directed and they were replaced in accordance with the lifetime warranty on them. The new ones came Parcel Post yesterday. Impressive! You can be, and I am sure, are, very proud to be working for an honorable company with fine products. I will probably end up buying a new tiller, even if I fix my old one!"

Dan B


“Makes compost in a very short time when compared to traditional compost bins/heaps. Much easier to mix the compost materials by turning the bins on a daily basis versus using a pitchfork and turning by hand ... very easy to assemble ... makes great compost in a short period of time."



Mantis Gardening: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • Mantis Gardening is a member of the Direct Gardening Association
  • This non-profit organization serves the needs of clients who sell gardening merchandise to consumers
  • Mantis Gardening has served the home and garden market for more than thirty years
  • They introduced the first small tiller to gardeners in America and have more than a million satisfied customers across the globe
  • Their tiller has received several awards over the years, including the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy award
Mantis Gardening: Website Popularity & Google Ranking
  • Mantis Gardening is ranked 163,777 in the world according to the traffic ranking site, Alexa
  • They have a Google page rank of four
  • They have been making their products available via their website to satisfied customers since 1996
  • The site receives 6,716 page views per day
  • Pages on the site take 2 seconds to load
Mantis Gardening: Social Media Presence
  • Mantis Gardening has a social media plan
  • Their YouTube channel has over 413,000 video views
  • Their videos are educational and cover garden projects, composting and tips on how to do things around the yard
  • You can also learn about what other Mantis owners like about their products
  • They maintain a page on Twitter which has 171 followers and one on FaceBook that has 1,824 likes
Mantis Gardening: Website Security & Safety
  • Mantis Gardening takes steps to keep customer information safe
  • They safeguard customer information and combat fraud by using Norton SSL to encrypt data that is exchanged on the site
  • 14 pages on the site were tested using Google safe browsing over the past ninety days
  • The site is not currently listed as suspicious
Mantis Gardening: Pricing & Packages
  • Mantis Gardening offers customers a free ComposT-Twin information package without cost or obligation
  • Their heavy duty professional hedge trimmer is equipped with a carbon steel blade which keeps sharp longer than other steel blades. Their 19 inch double edge trimmer costs $289.
  • Their ComposT-twin dual-chamber composter costs $499
  • Their 9 inch 2 cycle tiller costs $349 and comes with a free border edger attachment
Mantis Gardening: Shipping Rates & Policies
  • Mantis Gardening offers free shipping within the Continental United States
  • This applies to orders of $99 or more
  • Otherwise, shipping charges are based on the value of your order
  • They do not ship directly to international locations but have distributors located in several countries including England, where you can place your order
Mantis Gardening: Payment Methods Accepted
  • Mantis Gardening customers benefit from a 4 payment option
  • They can buy now and pay later by having their payment spread over four months
  • No fees are charged for this service
  • When you are completing checkout, you simply select the option that allows you to automatically make payments from your credit card in four equal monthly installments
Mantis Gardening: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
  • Mantis Gardening customers benefit from a money back guarantee and can try any product on the website without risk
  • If you are not satisfied with a product, you have up to a year to send it back for a full refund
  • Customers also benefit from the protection of a five year warranty which covers defects in materials and workmanship
Mantis Gardening: Product images & screenshots
Mantis Gardening Coupons
Get $10 OFF $100 or More Purchase + Free Pen Knife @ Mantis Gardening
Get Free Shipping of Garden Tillers w/ 5 year warranty. Pls bonus gift with selected purchases. @ Mantis Gardening
Get Free Shipping @ Mantis Gardening
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Get $10 OFF $100 or More Purchase + Free Pen Knife @ Mantis Gardening
Get Free Shipping of Garden Tillers w/ 5 year warranty. Pls bonus gift with selected purchases. @ Mantis Gardening
Get Free Shipping @ Mantis Gardening