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Create Your Own Organic Backyard Garden With Mantis Tillers


Backyard Gardening With Mantis Gardening Tillers

Summer is nearly over and the harvest is ready. It has been a busy season for the Mantis garden tiller and a productive one at that.

You can turn just a few square feet of backyard lawn into a highly productive organic garden with Mantis gardening tools.

Introduced over 30 years ago, the powerful Mantis garden tiller line has proven itself with reliable performance and outstanding value for the home gardening enthusiast. Creating your own home garden or flower bed has never been easier!

Mantis garden roto-tillers have both 2-stroke, and 4-stroke engines (no need to mix oil with the gas,) lightweight and powerful, and they have height-adjustable handles. Mantis even offers a power lightweight electric tiller model for those whom do not wish to use gasoline powered models, such as in urban settings.

With the right Mantis gardening tool you can till, aerate, dig holes for planting trees and shrubs, -even de-thatch your lawn.

What About Organic Yard and Gardening Waste?

Mantis Gardening also offers a two-bin rotating compost tumbler, so you can dispose of your organic yard waste, creating your own nutrient rich topsoil.

Composting yard waste such as fallen leaves, dead grasses, thatch, vines and even household food (rinds, stems, peelings, coffee ground, egg shells, etc.) has never been easier. You are reducing trash by recycling your yard and garden waste into useful topsoil.

Composting is Recycling

Composting reduces trash bulk. You are creating a natural compost that will greatly enrich your home garden.

Mantis also offers composting accelerators, - the necessary organisms and nutrient sources to kick start rapid composting for the fastest results.

Follow their easy instructions and guidelines for composting and you'll have rich compost in just days. Use your nutrient rich compost either for your garden, or for your flower pots both indoors and outdoor patio planters. Environmentally friendly, you are reducing organic trash that otherwise must be picked up.

Mantis Warranties and Guarantees

Mantis Garden Products offers free shipping of Garden Tiller with 5-year Warranty. A bonus gift is included with selected purchases.

The Mantis 5-year Consumer Warranty on their new tiller products warants against defects in materials or workmanship from the date of purchase, and they also offer a 2-year warranty on their reconditioned tillers.

Request the FREE Tiller Information Package, DVD and Good Soil booklet here.

For full details of their warranty and risk-free quality guarantee, visit their Product Warranties and Guarantees page to learn more.

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Mantis Gardening
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Comments (1)

I wish more people would consider adopting a more natural or organic lifestyle.  We are killing the planet with chemicals, ruining lakes and ponds, and even killing coral reefs when it gets to the ocean.

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